SADGA and Canon South Africa welcomes Jabu Price Moore to the Canon South Africa SA Disabled Golf Open at Magalies Park in May

Jabu is 17 years old and has been playing golf for 5 years. In 2017 he entered the Canon SA Disabled Golf Open as a 14 handicap and this year after loads of practice and working really hard on his golf, he is down to a 10 handicap.
When Jabu was 1 years old he was involved in a car accident. His injury was total paralysis of his right arm (brachial plexus), but a surgeon in Cape Town managed to give him some usage in that arm. Although it is very short and does not grow, he is able to play sport and lead an active life.
His first name is actually Cameron but he never uses that name. He became known as Jabu as a baby because he was always so happy and jolly. Jabu is short for Jabulani which means “rejoice” in Zulu. This name, which is now in his passport and ID, is unique for a white boy and brings him instant attention.

When Jabu sets his mind to something, he really works hard – He plays 1st team golf, 2nd hockey and he is in the KZN equestrian endurance team, he is also an avid public speaker and enjoys fishing. Jabu is in matric and a prefect this year at Michaelhouse and he is planning to study law next year at TUKS.
Jabu says that ‘This year in the Canon SA Disabled Golf Open, I’m just looking to play consistent golf over the days and show the others I’m here to win one day’