Medical Classification For Tournaments

Do I Qualify?

We welcome anyone to join SADGA and learn to play and enjoy the game of golf, however, it is important to note that to be able to play in a disabled tournament you need:

  • Be a member of a golf club
  • Have an official golf handicap
  • WR4GD World Ranking for Golfers Disability Number (obtainable once medical classification is completed)
If you are interested in taking part in a disabled golf tournament, please fill in the appropriate report below and submit to us at: SADGA


Instructions for filling in the report can be found on the following links:

Physically Disabled form to be filled out by registered physiotherapist: DOWNLOAD

Visually Impaired form to be filled out by Ophthalmologist: DOWNLOAD

Deaf Audiogram to be submitted from Audiologist: DOWNLOAD

Qualifying factors for participating in disabled golf tournaments

  • The only requirement is to decide whether the disability is severe enough to qualify for the competition based on the issue if it is really a lot more difficult for the person to play golf than anyone else.
  • Qualifying factors for participation are the types and the magnitudes of impairment with regard to leg range of motion and strength, grip, arm length, two hands, shoulder range of motion and strength, elbow range of motion and strength, back range of motion, vision, balance and neurology.
  • Major impairment in any of these functions, or in combinations, will qualify for participation.
  • If a player, previously approved, for any reason has a changed impairment, it must be reported to the authority giving the license immediately.


SADGA National Classifier: Nikki Parker (

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