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Just like life, golf will always present us with never-ending challenges with many highs and lows.

SADGA (the South African Disabled Golf Association) was incorporated as a Section 21 Company in July 2004.

We pride ourselves on being a unique community that helps physically and sensory disabled players to practice one of golf’s most precious lessons: Your enjoyment and happiness should not be contingent upon perfecting your golf swing or winning. The process, however, can be enjoyed regardless of the outcome and produce a strong, courageous person that can effectively handle adversity and face any challenge that comes before you

What We Do


Encourage every South African with a permanent disability to play golf.


Promote golf as a viable form of rehabilitation and recreation for the disabled.


Bring together able and disabled golfers to share their love for the game, in the spirit of friendship and competition.


Create public awareness of challenges facing disabled golfers, and to highlight their achievements.


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