Provincial Days To Resume In February

After a year-long suspension due to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic, SADGA Provincial Days are set to resume in February.
The last time Provincial Days were held was in March of last year, a few weeks prior to the national lockdown. Once golf resumed after the lockdown, the SADGA Board of Directors felt that staging Provincial Days could compromise the health and safety of everyone involved. Instead, Virtual Provincial Days took place in the first week of every month which afforded our golfers a seven-day period in which to submit a score towards the Virtual Order of Merit. 
This innovative concept was met with great enthusiasm from our members – many of whom made concerted efforts to participate each and every month.
Nevertheless, the long-term goal was always to resume Provincial Days that would be staged at one golf course on a given Sunday in the month. SADGA Executive Director Craig Moorgas said that while the resumption is an exciting prospect, the safety of the SADGA golfers and staff remained paramount.
“We are thrilled to be resuming our Provincial Days and it will be fantastic to once again enjoy the camaraderie for which these occasions are renowned,” said Moorgas.
“Having said that – we will be implementing a number of measures to ensure the safety of everyone involved. At each and every Provincial Day our golfers and organisers will adhere to the Golf RSA Covid-19 safety protocols in place at the various golf clubs. Moreover, golfers will be required to pay their green fees via EFT and there won’t be any prize-givings held. Instead, all players will hand in their scorecards and the winners will be announced the following day.”
The Provincial Days will also be an opportunity to earn points towards the Race To The Challenge Cup. Please see the SADGA website for all the details on how points are awarded.  
The first Gauteng Provincial Day will take place on the 14th of February at Country Club Johannesburg while Kuils River plays host to our Western Cape-based golfers on the same day.
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