Unsung Hero: Christo De Jager


We are starting a monthly segment called Unsung Heroes in which we acknowledge and celebrate the positive contributions made by members and staff of the SADGA towards the betterment of disabled golf in the country..


First on the tee we have Christo De Jager


Christo is one of our longest-serving and most passionate members. Always quick with a smile and eager to chat, Christo embodies all that is great about the SADGA most notably through his competitive nature and unwavering desire to rise above his physical shortcomings.


Last month, the SADGA Provincial Challenge was held at Christo’s beloved Uitenhage Golf Club. Christo- along with the club’s fantastic staff- made every effort to ensure that the players and staff involved in the event had smiles on their faces throughout the week and made lasting memories.


It was fitting that De Jager played a key role in Team South’s success at the Challenge – earning 3.5 points for his side. Christo has now won Provincial Challenge titles with Western Province, Rest Of Country and Team South which speaks to his tremendous competitive longevity.


Thank you for all that you’ve done for the SADGA, Oupa, the association is richer for your presence within it and we can’t wait to watch you in action throughout the Canon South Africa Open Series!