Tony Bennett On Untapped Golf Talent In South Africa

Tony Bennett held a webinar on Monday which explored disabled golf in South Africa and the potential for growth in the coming years.
A recurring theme of Bennett’s presentation was the number 4970. That is the number of people in South Africa living with a permanent disability who haven’t, as yet, taken up disabled golf. He explained that if the SADGA was to give these individuals a start in the game, they would benefit psychologically from involvement in sport while simultaneously generating a great amount of revenue for golf clubs.
Bennett also took time to celebrate the tremendous strides disabled golf has made throughout the world. There were multiple disabled golf events which ran in parallel to European Tour tournaments in 2019 which raised the profile of disabled golf among countless golf fans. Moreover, Bennett cited EDGA-affiliate Sweden as just one example of a nation that hosts in the region of 12 events annually, a testament to the growth of the disabled game.
SADGA Executive Director Craig Moorgas thanked Bennett for hosting such a worthwhile and informative webinar.
“It was a pleasure to have Tony address the SADGA and teach us about just how far disabled golf has come throughout the world,” said Moorgas.
“While we as an association have made significant strides in recent times, it is clear that we still have some way to go to realise our goal of encouraging all South Africans with a permanent disability to take up the game which is certainly invigorating for all of us.”
Moorgas also thanked the Professional Golfers Association for their continued support of the SADGA.
“The PGA has been a longtime supporter of the SADGA and we are grateful to them for their continued involvement in the SADGA. Special thanks must also go to Andrew Gunn for everything he has done for the SADGA too.
“We look forward to making further inroads into that all-important number of 4970,” Moorgas concluded. 
Watch the webinar here: