Thanks to Jodi Schultz for this report on the Gauteng Provincial Day

Glendower Golf Club is the home of the SA Open and with good reason ── it’s a true test of golf even in dry, cold and firm conditions. The results showed few posting sub handicap scores.
The consistency pulled through for both Neels Vermaak (abled) and David Frost (could be why his surname is such) ── he played brilliantly in the trying conditions.

Mark Mac was also on a stellar roll, winning the Deaf category.
Thank you to Dana from Canon SA as well as Karen from Gauteng North for coming through and showing your love and support.
Huge thanks to Glendower Golf Club for the support.
We look forward to seeing you all at the home of the Tshwane Open, Pretoria Country Club on 12 August.
See you on the fairway.
Mark Maconochie 35
Simon Cuzen 29
David Frost 39
Dean Ferreira 37
Johan Gouws 31
Able Bodied
Neels Venter 37