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Thanks to Hanjo Bester for running the 2nd Free State Provincial Day at Tempe Golf Club



Disabled players
1st: Hanjo Bester - 29 punte
2nd: Enrique van Wyk - 23 punte
3rd: Fritz van der Heever - 22 punte
4th: Koos Bierman - 18 Punte

Abled bodies
1st: Peet van Wyk - 39 punte
2nd: Jaco van der Merwe - 34 punte
3rd: Driaan van der Merwe - 30 punte
4th: Herman Britz - 25 punte
5th: Quintin Holtzhauzen - 16 punte
6th: Brandon Holtzhauzen - 14 Punte

All players
1st: Peet van Wyk
2nd: Jaco van der Merwe
3rd: Driaan van der Merwe
4th: Hanjo Bester
5th: Herman Britz
6th: Enrique van Wyk
7th: Fritz van der Heever
8th: Koos Bierman
9th: Quintin Holtzhauzen
10th: Brandon Holtzhauzen


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