Successful Training Session Held At Pearl Valley

Another fantastic South squad training session was held at Pearl Valley Golf Estate on Sunday.
Though the complexion of the training squad remained largely unchanged from the previous session, promising young golfer Pierre Kotze spent the day with the squad and we hope to see a lot more of him in future. 
The players were treated to a highly stimulating and engaging presentation from renowned PGA Teaching Pro James Wade. He once again spoke of the need to develop a wedge-chart to get a sense of how far one hits the ball as the length of swing and club changes.
From there he discussed the four quadrants on the green and the ball flights required to access pins located in the different quadrants. The players peppered him with questions about how best to apply his teaching to their own game which was great to see. 
Once the theoretical portion of the day was concluded, the players were divided into three groups and worked on their chipping and putting while they also spent time on the range and were afforded the opportunity to receive advice from James one-on-one.
After an always-delicious lunch, the squad played 18 holes and though some players had their egos bruised by the very demanding layout, others fared exceptionally well.
SADGA Executive Director Craig Moorgas thanked Wade and Pearl Valley for another fantastic day out.
“It is always a great privilege for our players to have an opportunity to practice and play at one of the finest golf courses in the Western Cape,” said Moorgas
“The added benefit of James Wade’s extensive knowledge of the game and how to get the most out of the golf swing makes these sessions a unique opportunity to improve our games and we’re very grateful for that.
“On behalf of the South squad and the SADGA I’d just like to extend my gratitude to James and Pearl Valley Golf Estate for making us feel so welcome,” he concluded