Southern Cape FSP Continues To Thrive

Our First Swing Program golfers in the Southern Cape continue to make tremendous strides in both their development and enjoyment of the game under the superb tutelage of Carlo Kok.
Carlo’s vast experience means that each sesion is an incredibly engaging experience for the assembled players who complete a variety of simulations which resemble different on-course situations.
Kok simulates a golf-hole experience whereby the golfers play the length of a hockey field in much the same way one would play a par-4 i.e teeing off with a wood and as they approach the hockey net are tasked with hitting chip shots into the net so as to complete the challenge.
Kok says such challenges have cultivated healthy competition among the golfers as there is a feeling of accomplishment attached to the outcomes.
Other activities see the golfers hit shots over cones which serve as imaginary bunkers and water hazards which also promotes a fantastic sense of achievement. To simulate on-course pressure, a points-based system is used throughout these games and players either score or lose points depending on whether they manage to clear the bunkers and water hazards.
Kok’s full-swing coaching meanwhile emphasises a rhythmical tempo – encouraging the players to always resist the temptation to swing as hard as they can in their quest for bragging rights over their friends.
Not forgotten is the art of putting and the golfers play six-hole challenges on the putt-putt course which helps them develop their strokes from close range as well as longer distances.
Thank you to Carlo for his unwavering dedication to the disabled golfers he coaches and to the Southern Cape Golf Union for their ongoing support of the SADGA.