SADGA Monthly Golf Days Renamed

The South African Disabled Golf Association has taken the decision to change the name of its monthly Provincial Days.

From now on, the days will be known as a  “SADGA Regional Golf Days”. The main reason behind the name change is to make the days more inclusive. In the past these days were open only to our members who held amateur status and not those members who are PGA-accredited professionals.

SADGA Executive Director Craig Moorgas said this decision will not only promote greater inclusivity but also increase the depth of talent within Regional Golf Day fields.

“For a while now the Board of Directors and I have been brainstorming ways of making our events more inclusive. In the recent past the Virtual Provincial Day concept took us a step closer to our goaland the name change is a continuation of that,” Moorgas remarked.

“Some of our most talented players are professional golfers and so it makes all the sense in the world to give them more playing opportunities within disabled golf.

“Ultimately our goal is to cultivate the disabled golf talent within our country and the presence of our professionals in the Regional Golf Day fields will encourage the other players to raise their games which will not only be fantastic for the players themselves but the SADGA in general,” concluded Moorgas.