SADGA Launches Virtual Provincial Days

SADGA launches virtual Provincial Days

At a time when lateral and innovative thinking is everything, the South African Disabled Golf Association will be launching Virtual Provincial Days from August.

Provincial Days have been suspended for more than four months due to Covid-19 and the indefinite suspension on amateur golf competitions in the country meant that the SADGA has had to get creative in mapping the way forward.

The Board of Directors has decided that players will have a seven-day window each month in which to play their Provincial Day round and submit a score. There is an interesting twist though: players have the freedom to play as many times during the period as possible and are then able to submit their best scores.

SADGA Operations manager Lily Reich lauded the novel concept and is thrilled that the membership will have the opportunity to resume competition.

“The SADGA Board of Directors put their heads together to come up with a viable way to allow our players to resume competitive golf,” commented Reich.

“It’s certainly quite different from the Provincial Day model we’re all used to but at the same time we are confident that we’ll get the buy-in from players into what is a fantastic new Provincial Day format.”

Reich noted the important role that golf can play in the lives of players during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“This is a stressful time for all of us. The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic occupy all of our thoughts on a daily basis so we encourage all of our players to get out onto the golf course or practice ground as often as possible to alleviate any stress they may be feeling at this time,” Reich said.

The Virtual Provincial Days will take place in the first week (1st-7th) of every month beginning on the 1st of August. Scores are to be submitted by the close of business on the 8th of every month to Johan Du Plooy (see contact details below). As always, the format will be singles stableford.

Johan will then use the scores submitted by the players to create a virtual Order of Merit which will feature both a regional and a national ranking.

“This is a great time to be a part of the South African Disabled Golf Association and we hope that our members will embrace this new concept wholeheartedly and get out on the golf course as often as possible,” Reich concluded.

Johan Du Plooy contact

Johan du Plooy ( 083 3829010

Written and released by Craig Stiron on behalf of the South African Disabled Golf Association

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