SADGA and Canon South Africa welcomes Johan Gouws to the Canon South African Disabled Golf Open at Magalies Park

Johan is 61 years young with a current handicap of 16 at Blue Valley Golf & Country Club. He is divorced and has 2 daughters and 4 grand children.
Johan started playing golf at age 35 and he regrets not playing earlier.

This is his story……
‘My lowest handicap was 8 and at the time that I was hijacked and shot in
1999 I was an 11 handicap.
My greatest concern and the first thing I said to my wife when she arrived at hospital was “I’ll never be able to play golf again”.
My right arm+- 70 mm from my shoulder was badly fractured and my arm instantly paralyzed. I am an Estate Agent and all of a sudden I could not write.
Six months later the surgeon operated on me and joined the nerves together.
It was a very slow process as the nerves are in shock for 6 weeks and then it starts to grow at approximately 1 millimeter a day. So by the time it came to my muscles the muscles had died. I had various operations and today I have 40% function in my right hand.
The nice part is that today I am left handed, I play golf and enjoy life. So when I play bad I blame my right hand and when I play good I think I am talented! ”
The SADGA team are looking forward to having Johan at the Canon SA Disabled Golf Open 2018