Report from Jodi Schultz on the Provincial Day at Woodhill Country Club

With the field at its biggest to date for a Gauteng provincial day 53 players (19 disabled, 6 deaf and 28 Abled supporters). Woodhill truly pulled out all the Stops, welcomed with refreshments and light snacks, given half way house and a drink, then to top it off given a prize giving evening again with light snacks and Prizes. It was an amazing privilege and opportunity to play at one of Pretoria’s finest estates.
And we as SADGA will remember this day for years to come.

Thank-you Woodhill Country Club
The day was trying with the course playing long and with mother nature throwing in the proverbial spanner in the form of the occasional swirling winds. But the true golfers came out tops.
* Rhyan Jeanson.
* Karen van Huyssteen
* Ray Graaf
* Albano Dos Santos
* Johan Duplooy
* Johan Kotze
* Dean Ferreira
My thoughts the 2 Johan’s drew straws and Kotze being visually impaired “was giving the shortest” (kidding)
Well done to our winners and hope to see you swinging with us at Blue Valley Golf & Country Club on the 14th October. where a birdie has told me they cant be out done by their neighbours across the River. They too will be making a memorable day
Thanks to the GNGU – Gauteng North Golf Union and especially Karen Van Huysten