Recapping 2022 SADGA Coaches Workshop

The 2022 SADGA Coaches Workshop was a resounding success and a terrific learning experience for all of the coaches in attendance.
Funding from the National Lotteries Commission towards skills development afforded the assembled coaches the opportunity to learn from one another and to collaborate on ideas in their efforts to best serve South Africa’s disabled golfers. 
The coaches were given the opportunity to deliver presentations on the work done in their respective regions and brainstorm solutions to any stumbling blocks they may be encountering. In this regard, it was beneficial to have EDGA Head of Development Mark Taylor on hand to share his insight on how to help a golfer with a disability realise their potential. 
Building a cohesive SADGA coaching unit is integral to the sustained success of our development structures. A variety of activities throughout the weekend helped facilitate team building and the strengthening of relationships between our coaches. Having the opportunity to get to know each other better, the coaches were able to communicate and share ideas in an effective manner that’ll certainly benefit our SADGA members going forward.
SADGA Head Of Development Connor Lourens highlighted the great energy the coaches brought to the workshop and thanked them for their collective contribution to the SADGA.
“The SADGA is blessed to have such talented and knowledgeable coaches who are so eager to positively impact the disabled golfers they teach,” commented Connor.
“The coaches put their heads together on how best to serve our disabled golfers and by extension each other. It was exciting to see the energy and inspired ideas our coaches brought to the different collaborative sessions throughout the workshop.
“It was fantastic to have EDGA Head of Development Mark Taylor in attendance to impart his considerable expertise.  On behalf of the SADGA, I’d like to thank Mark and all of our SADGA  coaches for a worthwhile workshop and of course for their invaluable contributions to disabled golf in South Africa.”
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