Provincial day at Rondebosch Golf Club on Sunday 1st December

After a lovely week from The Canon National Deaf Junior tournament to a wonderful day at Rondebosch Golf Course.
Our thanks to Rondebosch Golf Club for the lovely day and the hospitality and special treatment also want to thank you for the free green fees – really mean a lot. The course is in a good condition .
Thank you for everyone for make the last Provincial day a full field, it was windy but all came out .Thank you to the NLC –National Lottery Commission for the lovely balls for our disabled golfers it really means a lot to us .
Welcome to Mike de Swardt from WP golf Union hope to have you more at the Provincial days and thank you for the Donation of R20 000 it’s a big help for SADGA and FSP kids.
Thank you to the SADGA Academy for doing the provincial day and just getting things going better and better.
I want to also say everyone must have a lovely and safe holiday and festive season.

Well done to Lance Du Toit (Disabled Golfer) and Albie Louw (deaf) for winning the yearly Order of Merit for the Provincial day.
1st Andre du plooy-37
2nd Brandon Shaw-35
3rd Trevor Reich -32
Abled Bodies
Mike de Swart -33
Farrel Verwey -31