Thanks to the R&A who have given SADGA sponsorship to assist with the green fees and cart fees as well as the Provincial Challenge for all disabled golfers starting on the next Provincial Day on the 12th July.
Herewith the details.

How it works
SADGA Golfers   :
o   SADGA Golfers to pay R 70 for green fees and R 50 for a cart for all Provincial Days
o   Every Provincial Day a lucky draw for Disabled Only will take place of Titleist Goodies handed over to SADGA at tournament
o   Winners of Provincial Days will have bragging rights and points towards the OOM
o   OOM winners will receive small prize and trophy and bragging rights as the winner
o   Disabled golfer must be responsible for the able bodied guests payments and tee time notification
o   Maximum of 3 able bodied guests will be allowed per disabled golfer
o   Deaf Golfers will only get the subsidized cart rate if they produce a medical certificate – this has been cleared with the Deaf Golf President Ray Graaff

Able bodied golfers:
o   Will pay what the golf course charges SADGA + R 30
o   Must accompany a Disabled Golfer

ALL Golfers
o   Must be handicapped and be a member of a Golf Club
o   Will be charged the full green fee and cart cost if cancelled after 10am on the Friday prior to the Provincial Day
o   If you or any of your guests cancel as above after 10am on Friday prior to PD, you will be charged in full for the following PD unless you present SADGA with a reasonable Doctors Letter