NOMADS To Give AAGT A Flying Start

NOMADS Golf Club of  South Africa, historically one of the South African Disabled Golf Association’s most generous benefactors, has pledged considerable financial support to the All Abilities Golf Tour and in so doing ensuring that the AAGT era makes a flying start.

With the first event of the AAGT season, the Country Club Johannesburg Disabled Open just days away, NOMADS’ willingness to support the fledgling Tour serves to not only heighten anticipation levels among the SADGA membership but also bring tremendous stability to the upcoming season as Business Development & Sponsorship Manager David Watts explains.

“NOMADS’ support of the SADGA has always been outstanding but the level of support they’re set to lend to the All Abilities Golf Tour in 2024 is nothing short of phenomenal,” said Watts.

“From a Tournament organisation standpoint, the funding pledged by NOMADS frees the SADGA team up to execute on all of the wonderful plans they have to ensure the AAGT draws attention the world over for the great opportunities afforded to Golfers With A Disability in South Africa.

“Sponsors such as NOMADS are key to enabling us to stage events year in and year out and it is my sincere hope that NOMADS’ endorsement of the AAGT concept will help us continue to stage events of the highest quality for our members.

The Country Club Johannesburg Disabled Open takes place at CCJ Rocklands on the 26th and 27th of February.