NOMADS FSP Coaches Workshop

This week all 20 SADGA FSP coaches got together at king david Mowbray Golf club for the annual NOMADS FSP Coaches Workshop. This workshop is about sharing disability training methods, team building and setting objectives. The SADGA FSP coaches will be stepping it up in their regions by creating their own SADGA regions much like the golf unions regions. They will also be setting up committees to assist them.
Part of the workshop was a demonstration to the coaches on how to run their own road shows in their regions. With the help of 70 Astra and Filia Level 1-2 FSP school children the coaches ran a 2 hour road show of therapeutic fun and golf specific exercises.

Our sincere thanks …..
…to our sponsors NOMADS Canon South Africa
…and to the WP NOMADS that joined us at the roadshow
Thanks also to our coaches for their passion and love for the program which is evident in the way that they look after the FSP.
Andrew Corthing
Jaco Neethling
Shane Le Roux
Charles Williams
Daren Hanekom
Tyler Watts
Graeme Whale Golf
Sandile Msimango
Carmia Van Wyk
Michael Ramakgocu
Anton Steyn
Rushdi Sylvester
Doreen Africa
Ben Africa
Oom Kulk
Marchello Koopman
Gregory Aderlaar
Carlo Kok
Richard fernandes