NOMADS FSP Coaches Workshop 2016

The Coaches Workshop took place at Zwartkop Country Club this week, with 17 of the FSP coaches attending. The workshops which have been sponsored by NOMADS for the past 5 years is of great value to the SADGA and its coaches.

Guest speakers at the workshop were Ivanoe Ficalbi of the PGA and SADGA patron, Dale Hayes who spoke on growing junior golf. World one armed champion, Reinard Schuhknecht did a presentation on being a brand ambassador.

The team building golf was quite an experience for our coaches as they had to play the first 9 holes as deaf golfers, wearing hunting ear plugs to cut out all the sound. The back 9 saw them playing each hole with a different physical disability eg: standing on one leg, using one arm, blindfolded and with their knees touching to simulate CerebralPalsy.

The workshop ended with our Go for Gold program and setting objectives for the year ahead.

Our thanks as always to our sponsors of the First Swing Program and especially to our dedicated passionate coaches.

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