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Fun Outing for the FSP children at King David GC


The SADGA FSP have put together a prototype program of structured sessions for the coaches of the severely disabled Level 1-2 children, which take place at the school. The program consists of 9 weeks of SNAG and LTAD (Long Term Athlete Development) which we make golf specific.

The 9th week is a visit to the golf course or an outing.

We started this trial program in the beginning of the 3rd term at ASTRA school with 6 sessions a week of teams all named after famous SA golfers. It is proving to be fun, therapeutic and exciting with achievable goals and acknowledgements.


Today at King David Golf Course the , 9th Session, which is an outing took place. The children were divided into 3 groups and were taken into the Proshop where Michiel explained what happens in the proshop and what is needed to be a proshop assistant, then off to the SNAG environment for some fun training and then the highlight of the morning , was a drive in the cart to see the golf course.

Ending off with chocolate cake, juice and niknaks.

Our thanks to our sponsors and coaches for their dedication and support.


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