Mthulu Takes First Swing

There is nothing quite like that first golf lesson. Learning how to grip the club and taking that first swing at the golf ball. Thanks to the First Swing Program coaches, Anda Mthulu got his first taste of the game on a memorable Friday at King David Mowbray Golf Club.
When starting out in the game it is key that one has sound fundamentals. First and foremost this begins with the grip. Simo Mdudu spent the early stages of the lesson showing Anda how one grips the club using the interlocking grip. 
The FSP coaches also stressed the fact that, as a leg-amputee it is vital that Mthulu develops a rhythmic and balanced swing. Anda is someone with a background in forms of dance and more recently wheelchair basketball. As such Mdudu, Daren Hanekom and Charles Williams are confident that with time and effort, Mthulu has it in him to become a very good golfer.
When starting the game, enjoyment too is key and it was evident throughout the session that Anda thoroughly enjoyed himself.
The coaching also offered aspiring PGA professionals Hanekom and Williams an opportunity to showcase their coaching skills to Pearl Valley Golf Academy instructor James Wade. Wade lauded the way the pair encouraged Mthulu before each shot and exercised patience throughout.
Going forward he implored them to do as much research into the coaching philosophies of world-renowned instructors such as Sean Foley and Butch Harmon as possible. Wade explained that this would allow Hanekom and Williams to form their own views on the golf swing and impart the knowledge gained on their students in future. Many thanks to James for giving of his time to make our aspiring PGA professionals better coaches.
We as an association can’t wait to watch Anda’s progress in the months to come.