Message from Justin Godfrey

Message from Justin Godfrey about this weekends Junior OOM tournament at Zwartkop Country Club where the St Vincent School deaf golfers played in a competition with the ablebodied juniors
Golf is a sport for everyone. Whether we be young or old, Male or female, physical condition/challenged, it is a great way to build friendships and relationships and in my opinion one of the better ways to get our exercise in. Golf allows us to accept the challenges we face and strive for that personal growth we seek.

I saw alot of character while working with the kids from St Vincent’s and it was one of the most humbling moments I have ever experienced.
With regards to the performance of the kids I was in awe of how they could play and enjoy every single moment in spite of there disability. It was a true experience to see them in action and alot can be taken away and learnt from playing with the kids. I do feel slight sorrow when it comes to the kids, not because they might struggle from time to time but due to the fact that they can’t experience the environment around them such as the birds chirping or hear the wind blowing but then again just watching them hit shots and seeing the pure joy and satisfaction on there faces, who needs to hear the birds chirp when one can experience that first hand.
I feel the callaboration with the disabled kids was awesome, we got to experience there language and how to interact with them on there terms and it was an amazing experience and I cannot thank SADGA for allowing us to do this.
The kids from both parties had an absolute blast and I am certain in saying we are all looking forward to playing and experiencing a round of golf with the kids from St Vincent very soon.
The day in conclusion was one of pure excitement and joy and this is how the game of golf should be played. Whether we win or lose, play bad or good the spirit of the game lives in each and every one of us and that was shown in full force on Saturday.
I would also like to thank my colleague Ruan Jooste in helping me with Saturday and also experiencing this amazing feat with me.