KZN – Provincial Day at Victoria Country Club

A fairly good turnout ,9 players for Victoria Country Club  long way from Durban , the course which was looking really green beautiful (btw PMB is the leafiest town in South Africa ) combined with a bit of rain half way through the game at 14h30.
The one arm golfers gave up and left not too much grip with one handL.
The conditioning of the course was great  and greens were excellent but difficult to read .
HCP        Player                                                   Points                   Position               
29           Susan Podmore                                                36                    1st   second nine
10           Virashan  Singh                 (Robins son)             36                     2nd         
30           Carey Boltman                                                   27                    3rd          
10           Nico Wentzel                                     35                           1st          
7              Rupert Fortmann                             33                           2nd         
13           Robin Singh                                        29                           3rd          
19           Rory Hickson                                      26                           4th
21           Kyle Allman                                        14                           5th                                                                         
21           Thilen Reddy                                      N/R                        –                              (too wet to play)