Kotze Makes Steady Progress

First Swing Program golfer Jontey Kotze’s game is improving steadily, thanks in large part to a new pitching technique.
It is often said that a sound short-game can save you shots and hold rounds together. As such, Kotze, who is blind,  has been hard at work with coach Justin Godfrey on trying to achieve greater consistency around the greens. 
“I have introduced a new technique for him to practise with pitch shots. The technique promotes consistency with the short game which is exactly what we are trying to achieve,” said Godfrey.
“I have seen a tremendous improvement in distance control and feel over the last month whilst implementing this new technique.”
Godfrey remarked that Kotze’s ability to convey what he is feeling during the swing has also gone a long way to solidifying the player-coach relationship. 
“He provides constant feedback when we have course sessions  which is crucial to keeping the relationship strong as it also helps me understand what he is feeling during the swing.” 
As for the future, Godfrey has recently obtained his TPI qualification which has allowed him to assess Kotze’s physical capabilities and target the areas in need of improvement going forward. 
“This has allowed me to see what parts of his body need strengthening and also tells me what parts can’t function at 100% in the golf swing. 
“I have given corrective exercises for him to do daily so that we can build his body foundation and let it go from strength to strength.”
We are proud of the amazing progress Jontey and Justin are making together and have no doubt that with continued hard work, Jontey will continue to raise his game. 
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