JoLiam Momberg receives first official handicap

For a golfer just starting out, there is nothing quite like receiving that first official handicap. Thanks to the financial contribution from the National Lotteries Commission and after steady progress over the past few weeks and months – SADGA FSP golfer JoLiam Momberg experienced first-hand one of the most special moments in one’s golfing life. 
JoLiam has made good strides in his game since first receiving lessons from Elsabe Hefers Academy coach Justin Godfrey. Though lockdown threatened to stall his progress – the Zwartkop Country Club member picked up where he left off when golf resumed a few weeks ago as Justin explains.
“Jo has made tremendous improvements over the last few weeks not only with his practise but also on his way around the golf course,” says Godfrey.
“He has started to show a sense of better course management as well as learning to play shots that only the course can teach you.”
Godfrey stressed that if Momberg continues to work hard and stay patient, he will continue to go from strength to strength.
“I’m very pleased with the progress we have and are still making and I encourage him to keep playing and trusting the process.”
 “We have come a long way and I am very proud of Jo,” concluded Godfrey.
The South African Disabled Golf Association is very proud of JoLiam’s accomplishment and he is certainly a player to keep an eye on in the years to come. 
Keep up the great work Jo!
Thank you to: 
The National Lotteries Commission
Elsabe Hefers Academy
Zwartkop Country Club
Written and released by Craig Stirton on behalf of the South African Disabled Golf Association.
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