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How it works

SADGA is divided in 4 main categories:

  1. First Swing Clinics
  2. Provincial Days
  3. Canon SA Disabled Golf Open
  4. Fundraising and Awareness
  1. First Swing Clinics

    Our First Swing Program is focused predominantly on school-going children and consists of different levels of ability.

    Level 1:  For severely disabled Juniors who cannot leave the school for sport. SADGA will bring the sport to them by setting up modified golf environments in the schools hall

    Level 2:  For the slightly less severe the sessions take place on school fields and putting greens where possible

    Level 3:  For Juniors that can complete 9 holes of regular golf and/or complete a mashie course

    Level 4:  For golfers who have managed to get a SAGA (SA Golf Association) official golf handicap and will take part in the SA Disabled Golf Open

    Level 5: For the most talented golfers who have single figure SAGA official golf handicaps and will compete Nationally and Internationally

    Read more about our First Swing Program here

  2. Provincial Days & Provincial Challenge

    Provincial Days are monthly games where the golfers who have reached golf course membership status take part in provincial days which are run monthly in the major centres of SA.

  3. The Provincial teams will be selected for the Provincial Challenge on the January SADGA National Ranking.

    Canon South African Disabled Golf Open

  4. The Canon SA Disabled Golf Open is the most prestigious event on the SADGA calendar. It is an annual event which attracts top Internationals and South Africans to play in a 3 day tournament, comprising of all physical and sensory disabilities.

  5. Fundraising and Awareness

    In order to attract the sponsorships which are the lifeline of our organisation, SADGA have numerous Fundraising and Awareness days throughout the year.

    Read more about these in our Calendar

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