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How do I join?

Do I qualify?

Physically Disabled

  • Automatic Qualifications – an amputation of a major joint (ankle, wrist, elbow, knee)
  • All other physical disabilities (Les Autres) are for golfers who fall into the Les Autres category: These include having Cerebral Palsy, being hemiplegic or having a limb which is still attached but has no use. These categories will require the completion of the medical classification form by a doctor or physiotherapist. SADGA will send this form to the Medical classifier that will approve, not approve or ask for a face to face consultation.

Medical Classification Forms: Download

Visually Impaired Golfers

  • No light perception in either eye up to light perception but unable to differentiate between a blank sheet of white paper and a sheet of white paper with a black square on it, at any distance or in any direction.
  • Maximum acuity of less than 2/60 Snellen (corrected) in either or both eyes.
  • Maximum acuity of less than 6/60 Snellen (corrected) in either or both eyes.
  • A player with significantly impaired vision (e.g. an acuity of 6/36, a visual field of less than 10 degrees, or who qualifies for registration as a Blind Person) but who does not fall into any of the above three classifications. (Players in this category are not eligible to participate in International Championships according to the IBGA sight classifications.)

Deaf Golfers

  • To be eligible to participate in Deaf Golf competitions, the golfer must register a hearing loss of more than 55 desibels (dB) in his best ear on a pure tone frequency average (average of 500, 1000, 2000Hz frequency) as tested by a registered audiologist.
  • Golfers who qualify to participate in Deaf Golf competitions are not allowed to wear hearing aids on the course during golf competitions to eliminate any advantage he/ she may receive.

What do I get as a disabled golfer?                                                                        

  • Affiliation runs from Tournament to Tournament (May-May).
  • Once affiliated the golfer can get preferential GC Membership rates from the following Golf Clubs:
    • King David GC
    • Zwartkop GC
    • Langebaan CE
    • Eboste
    • Eagle Canyon
    • Kingswood
    • Graceland          
  • Free entry to the SADGA fund raisers in your area
    • Watches Unlimited Fundraiser at Zimbali CC
    • Dale Hayes Fundraiser at Zwartkop
  • Invitations to Provincial Days which take place on Sundays.
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