HOLE IN ONE for Jodi Schultz

One week before the SA Disabled Golf Open 2015, Jodi was playing at Zwartkop Country Club and made the perfect shot on the 17th .
Jodi said…..
‘There was a dispute on the distances I settled on 120 and took an 8 iron, my dad a 7.We couldn’t see our ball flights but one guy was sure he was on. But my ball started left of the target. My dad and the other guy hit provisional balls Craig Smit did not want to lose another – I was sure I was going to find mine.
Got to the green both my dad’s balls were on, one front right and one left. Danie Geldenhuis over shot his. I looked on the front edge and couldn’t find it, took a walk to the back of the green to see if I hadn’t over shot in to the garden at the back when my dad threw me the ball and said well done first hole in one. I stood shocked.’