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The FSP Elite Squad who are training to become PGA coaches


The FSP Elite Squad who are training to become PGA coaches had their training course this week at King David Mowbray Golf Club with Andrew Corthing and Oom Kulk Martinus

The week started off with Charles Williams and Daren Hanekom being awarded their Professional Golfers Association of South Africa certificates for the Grow Golf Coaches Course by Chairman of the SADGA board Enver Hassen Great to have all the board members present at this very auspicious occasion.Koos Ellis, Alan Locketz, Craig Moorgas.

The weeks activities included golf coaching & training, fitness, ambassadorship and life skills. At the end of the training, each FSP Elite squad member set their objectives and plans for the next 8 weeks till the squad get together again.

Our thanks to Applegarth B & B & Self Gatering Accommodation & Conferencing for the accommodation, hospitality and preferential rates at their beautiful guest house in Pinelands.

Special thanks to Izzy and her team in the KDM kitchen for all the scrumptious meals for the very hungry students during the training.

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