FSP Elite squad rising to the challenge of remote work

The FSP Academy squad members are adapting well to their new reality of remote work as the national lockdown continues.
While the national lockdown took effect on Friday the 27th of March, the SADGA staff had already begun to adjust to the unique challenges that remote work present after in-office operations were suspended on the 17th of March. Operations manager Lily Reich stressed the importance of the Academy squad continuing their individual work.
“It’s important to remember that besides assisting with FSP coaching and general operations, the members of the Academy squad are also studying towards their own individual qualifications be it their PGA degrees, general management or administrative qualifications,” commented Reich.
“All of these pursuits demand diligence and an ability to stay up to date with the requirements of the courses. I am very proud of how all of the boys have taken the disruption in their stride and are continuing to produce good work,” she added.
Reich said that the Academy squad were taking steps to continue their studies beyond just simply working on their laptops.
“Daren Hanekom even had his uncle build him a desk so that he may continue his work in a comfortable and productive setting. I must commend Daren’s willingness to do whatever is necessary to continue his work.
“We as an association and indeed a nation can only focus on what’s in front of us. At present we know that the lockdown is in effect until at least the 16th of April but should it be extended we are confident that we have implemented the necessary measures to ensure that the work of the SADGA continues,” she concluded.