Disabled Golf In the Southern Cape Continues To Thrive

Disabled golf in the Southern Cape has thrived since the return to golf despite the difficulties of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Integral to the sustained success of disabled golf in the Southern Cape is SADGA coach Carlo Kok. After golfers in South Africa were given the green light to resume practicing and playing, Kok wasted no time getting to work with Team South player Morne Els on some exciting changes to his game. 
From a swing standpoint, Els began working on taking the club back more squarely instead of fanning it open. Moreover, the pair have also endeavoured to steepen Morne’s shoulder-turn, believing that it had become too flat. 
Around the greens meanwhile, Carlo has been encouraging Els to become comfortable using different clubs depending on the demands of the shot at  hand. Els is getting used to determining the ideal landing spot depending on the shot he is trying to play. In so doing, it is Kok’s hope that this will greatly improve his proximity to the hole.
On the greens, the pair have sought to improve the tempo of Els’ stroke while also trying to start the ball on the correct line with greater consistency. 
Perhaps the biggest game-changer of all for Els though is being fitted for a new set of clubs at The Pro Shop. The fitting was made possible by the incredibly supportive Southern Cape Golf Union and Kok believes the new set will go a long way to improving Els’ iron play. 
“I definitely think the new equipment will make a big difference in his game as he was not using very forgiving golf clubs,” says Kok.
“The more forgiveness and lower centre of gravity will definitely help him in his short to medium irons.” 
A sincere thank you must also go to Marius de Lange and Ian Norgard who sponsored Morne with a fantastic Taylormade golf bag to carry his new clubs too!
On the First Swing Program front, Kok has been giving slightly adapted golf lessons to the children at Carpe Diem school. After some negotiation with the school, it was agreed that Carlo could coach two children at a time. 
The core focus of these sessions was the short-game. Kok was eager to work on the golfers’ direction and touch while chipping and pitching in order to counteract childrens’ inherent desire to “whack” the golf ball. 
On the greens, the putt-putt course at the school as well as a putting mat has been used to ingrain a repeatable putting stroke within the golfers.
Kok says fun is key to any coaching session at Carpe Diem.
“In my sessions at Carpe Diem it’s really nice to be able to share my knowledge of the game with the children while also creating a fun environment.”
“It’s really nice to make it fun for them while also at the same time learning something about golf.”
Southern Cape Golf Union General Manager Heinrich Lourens heaped praise on Kok, remarking that his coaching has the power to change his students’ lives.
“Carlo is a fantastic person and golf coach. The work he does for his students changes their lives even if it is only for an hour or two a week,” commented Lourens. 
“We are extremely proud of our association with Carlo and SADGA.”
The SADGA is incredibly thankful for the amazing support it receives from the Southern Cape Golf Union. The funding provided for Morne’s fitting and new set of clubs will not only help develop Morne’s game but also help him enjoy his golf too which is fantastic.
The union also very kindly funds Carlo’s coaching sessions with the disabled which allows the SADGA to identify and harness the abundance of talent within the Southern Cape.
Keep your eyes peeled for updates on disabled golf in the Southern Cape as Carlo begins work with a female amputee. The more disabled female golfers we have taking up the game the better so this is sure to be a story you’ll want to follow as it develops.
Many thanks to Carlo and the Southern Cape Golf Union for their fantastic work – the SADGA is privileged to be associated with such passionate and dedicated individuals.
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