Copperleaf Provincial Day

Thanks Jodi Schultz for this report on the Copperleaf Provincial Day
Copper Leaf The Els Club – Version 1 was met with glum weather, Lily and the Provincial day organizers had a great day trying to keep the weather at bay.
The order of merit on all fronts was keen to get the closing game under way. But mother nature had a little rain for their respective parades.
Copper Leaf The Els Club – Version 2.0
Mother nature warmed up to us the 2nd time round. Allowing the guys to get their free range time in and warm up for the task at hand, the coveted Order of Merit.
ABLED Runners
Neels vermaak
Rudi Birkenstock
Rhyan Jeanson
Curtley Roberts
David “Ice Man” Frost
Dean “Ferrari” Ferreira
DEAF Runners
Mark “Burger” Maconochie
Mark “Shining” Goldin
The last time there was this much excitement was at the rugby world cup Final. Even Hugh Bladen would have called it Unbelievable.
Curtley opted for the coaches workshop down in CPT knowing full well that it was pretty at the top.
And Naas Botha on da uder hand said he saw Jan “Potty” Potgieter stealing the show with a comfortable 4th place finish to grant him his 50% played to win the order of merit.
Yet Dean “Ferrari” Ferreira seemed rather to be a 2nd place Alfa
Losing that top spot to “young Mot” Jonty Kotze, Giving Mr Alfa a second for the day but a 3rd overall in the order of merit.
As for ice man he melted in the pressure to T11 and faulted to the 4th spot on the order of merit.
On the deaf side
Ray took the order of merit pulling a Jan move and playing his alloted 50% to secure the first spot on the OOM.
Ian kichenbrand played smartly to win the deaf, coming from behind wiping out the dust from their eyes offering the second Mark Goldin and taking 3rd.
Mark Maconochie fell horribly short of the Mark to take the *”wooden mic” finishing in 5th. With his solid longest day finish. Leaving the Language man to take 4th.
The abled OOM the jury is still out. Kinda like Aswin Williamse.
But with the OOM out and the jury in on the needed info we have our team to represent us as the “North” in the North *vs* South Derby called the Provincial challenge.
Congrats to the following guys:
Dean “Ferrari” Ferreira
Derick Swart
Virgil Foster
David “ice man” Frost
Curtley Roberts
Rupert Fortman
Johan “Dupie” Du Plooy
Jan “Potty” Potgieter
Charlene “rose amoungst thorns” Pienaar
Ray Graaff
Gareth “Dungeon & Dragons” Dudgeon
Basil “the” Mann
Giel “Gilly” Vermeulen
Ernst “See me” Conradie
Hanjo Bester
No it was not a typing error I did not make the team for my writing ability… Now I know for next year.
Thank you to the Copperleaf Els Club team for hosting us twice and making us feel home both times..
To my wife and right hand – Thank you for your help and support on all these days. And happy anniversary (30th January)
To lily and Johan – Thank you for your support and allowing me to be a part of the team and allowing my creativity flow
And to each member of the Gauteng Provincial team – Thank you for all keeping me on my toes