18 OCTOBER 2016

City and partner open golf environment for children living with disabilities
The City of Cape Town’s Sports, Recreation and Amenities Department, in partnership with the South African Disabled Golf Association (SADGA), opened a modified golf environment earlier today. The new course will enable children living with disabilities to take part in this growing sport. Read more below:
The new Mayoral Committee Member for the City of Cape Town’s Community Services directorate, Councillor Anda Ntsodo, was on hand earlier today to tee off at the new and modified golf environment at the Astra School for the Disabled.
The City’s Sports, recreation and Amenities Department, in partnership with the South African Disabled Golf Association (SADGA), opened the course which will enable children with disabilities to become involved in this growing sport and is part of their First Swing Programme.
SADGA’s First Swing Programme was implemented 13 years ago and in the last five years the organisation has modified 34 golf environments to provide golfing opportunities to more than 900 children living with disabilities across South Africa.
‘Large numbers of disabled children are not able to take part in any school sport. Unlike many other sports, the pace of a game golf in these modified golf environments can be adjusted to the needs and limitations of the individual,’ said Councillor Ntsodo.
‘We want opportunities for leading a healthy, active life to be available to everyone. Golf, as any other sport, plays a role in promoting inclusion, fostering social participation and friendships,’ explained Councillor Ntsodo.
‘Golf provides a platform for acquiring life skills. The sport builds confidence, lowers stress levels and encourages outdoor activity.’
The City has partnered with the South African Disabled Golf Association for the past three years to provide golf equipment to five schools, transport for participants and golf balls.
The Astra School has provided a dedicated area for this golf programme and SADGA has modified the space into a fun golfing environment, which is not only therapeutic, but educational as well. The programme currently takes place at the Astra School with six sessions per week, catering for more than 150 children from various areas across Cape Town.
Any schools wanting to utilise this space for a session are welcome to contact SAGDA directly.
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