Attention : All South African Amputees

Stand with Stan is busy creating an amputee database of all the amputees across South Africa. This database, along with a group/forum/platform that Stand with Stan is busy developing, will be used for all amputees to be able to communicate with each other. The database will eventually also serve as a tool to allow Stand with Stan to generate more accurate statistics regarding amputees and limb loss.
The database will not be sent to anyone and only Stand with Stan will be able to access it. This is an initiative by Stand with Stan to assist the amputees of South Africa in having a voice, together and towards one another.
The database will also NOT be associated with any prosthetist or prosthetic supplier as we believe that would encourage a conflict of interest.
Stand with Stan will be the communication funnel for any person / company / entity wanting to communicate with the database. We will NOT sell or hand out the information without proper consent from every amputee. That is not the focus here. This is for the amputees to communicate with one another and for accurate statistics to be collected in the future.
Please assist Stand with Stan by contacting directly with the following details.
Name & Surname, Age, Type of amputation, Email / Contact number