21 Club Report

Many thanks to Johan Du Plooy for this report on the 21 Club event. It is fantastic that a new event will commence in 2021 too!
As part of disability awareness month, we had a fun day with The 21 Club (a social club from Zwartkop). Due to heavy rain, preceding the scheduled date of Thursday, 26 November, we decided to rather have this fun day at Pretoria Golf Club and not at Zwartkop Country Club.
Nine 4-balls took part (24 players from The 21 Club and 12 players from SADGA Gauteng). The feedback received from all the players was so positive that it was decided to have an official annual event where each team will have 10 pairs competing for a floating trophy. The first official match will take place early February 2021. It is also with great appreciation to announce that one of the players of The 21 Club has offered to sponsor the SADGA Gauteng team for this match.
The SADGA winners of the day were:
1st Deon van Niekerk
2nd Jan Potgieter
3rd Nico Schmulian